Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sterling Silver Labradorite Bracelet

This bracelet is donated by myself. The stones are Labradorite with Tibetan silver (nickle and lead free) spacers between them. Labradorite is a type of translucent feldspar which displays strong iridescense when viewed from different angles. The stones are strung on sterling silver wire and finished off with a sterling cat and mouse toggle clasp. If you're an animal lover and depending upon your pronunciation of the stone, you could have a dog, cat, and mouse all in one bracelet! Oh man, I crack myself up! LOL
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Length: 9"L (length can be increased or decreased in 1" increments).

Value: $43
Starting Bid: $8
Minimum Raise: $1


Heather Raabe said...

$8! Labradorite is my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

$10, this is beautiful!!

Diana said...

$20 Diana Vanheesch

Ruth Ann said...

Ruth Ann Van de Bogert
(Julia's Family"

Diana said...

$40.00 Diana Van Heesch